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What is it, how to play, rules, scoring, levels and how to set up

If you are in love with Mahjong and you also like Solitaire, then Mahjong Solitaire will be the perfect match for you! This amazing game combines the characteristics of the classic Chinese game with the characteristics of Solitaire.

Just like in the Mahjong game, the goal of this game continues to be removing all of the identical pairs of tiles off the board. However, not all of the tiles on the board are revealed as you start the game, so you need to work your way into revealing them little by little, and at the same time you must be careful and use some strategies to make sure you don’t end up “stuck” further in the game.

If you are looking for a challenging game to play on your free time, this could be what you’re looking for!

Check out bellow instructions, tips and a strategy guide to playing this challenging Mahjong Solitaire:

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– Press “New Game” and a new game will start. The first boards might seem very easy, but as soon as you solve the first level, you will be taken to the next one, the level two. In the level two you will find more tiles and a little more of difficulty to solve the game. Be careful when matching tiles to eliminate them, because if you make a bad choice on matching two tiles you might end up “stuck” further in the game.

– Know what you can choose on the board, because although some tiles will be already revealed at the beginning of the game, they might not be available for matching and eliminating.

– If though you have the time running against you in this game, pay attention to all of your options before you make any moves or pairings, because one simple wrong move can cost you the whole game. Try to make a priority in your game eliminating the “tiles on towers”, which are the ones piled up, starting with the highest piles; it is always best to decrease the size of a pile of tiles and reveal new hidden tiles then to eliminate the last tile of a pile and don’t get any other tile revealed.

– Even though it’s not always possible or simple to eliminate the tiles of top of those “towers”, always keep your eye on them and on the new tiles that are being revealed at every move you make, so that you can decrease the size of the piles. By doing that, you will be revealing new hidden tiles that can, and will, be very useful for your game as well as reducing your chances of ending up stuck, therefore increasing you chances of finishing off your board before time runs out.

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Ancient Chinese Playing a match

– If you are still not used to the chronometre running against you, play some games ignoring the timer and focus only on making your pairs, regardless of how long that’s going to take. Try to study all the alternatives and to get used to playing with this perspective, indifferently to the time, because in the future this will help you to win most of the games where you have the clock against you.

– Lastly, if you choose to select a tile that is not available for matching, unlike in the other versions of Mahjong and Mahjong Solitaire, in this game just selecting another tile won’t “deselect” the wrong one that you chose. To do so, you will need to click over the tile you wish to deselect again and that won’t be selected anymore. This is a very simple tip, but could be very useful since the chronometre won’t stop counting the time while the game alerts you to only select tiles of the same type.

Do not judge this game by its design, because it will certainly bring you a great challenge and a lot of fun, since the chronometre forces us to act quick, but at the same time we need to analyse carefully all our moves and possibilities available on the screen!

You all have an excellent time, with this easy but addictive game!
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