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Mahjong Tiles – A very fun version of Mahjong Solitaire!

Mahjong Tiles is a version of the game Mahjong Solitaire, which is a combination of the classic Chinese game “mahjongg” and our well known Solitaire. This unusual mixture created Mahjong Solitaire, a game initially created to be played in computers and, later, online.In the Mahjong Tiles game above your goal is, as in other Mahjong Solitaire games, to match identical tiles and eliminate them off the board so that there are no tiles left in your screen.

Bush Obama and Clinton playing Mahjong Titans

Bush Obama and Clinton playing Mahjong Titans. Can you imagine that?!

Although the goal of the game might seem too simple, often it is not too easy to achieve it, since you are only allowed to select tiles that are free (tiles that don’t have any other tiles on top of them and that are not in direct contact with other tiles in at least two of their sides) to match and eliminate.A basic error of many beginners in Mahjong Tiles is to go around matching identical tiles without thinking and with no logic or strategy. It may seem like a good way to play your game since in some versions of Mahjong Solitaire you have the clock running against you (like in this version of Mahjong Tiles above), but this type of “strategy” can cost you to find yourself “stuck” later in the game, in a situation where there are no more available moves left toyou. If there are not available moves left, it is game over.Being “stuck” can happen because many times in the course of your game you had better matching opportunities that you did not see at the time. Bellow we are listing another tips to win more at all Mahjong Tiles and Mahjong Solitaire games!

Instructions to the game above and some tips below:

Mahjong Titans Microsoft

– In the Mahjong Tiles game above you can choose the layout (structure in which the tiles will be laid in your board) of the game. These layouts vary according to your game, and they are generated randomly. If you find that you do not like a certain layout in your game, all you have to do is press F5 on your keyboard to load the page again so that a new layout will be generated. There is a possibility that the same layout will be generated more than once, and if that happens just press F5 again to load another layout.– Another interesting characteristic of this Mahjong Tiles game is that you can change your viewing angle. This can be very useful in some layouts, since some of the tiles can be hidden behind others and make it hard for you to identify all the tiles in the board. So, if you choose a layout where not all the tiles are completely visible, press the “Change View” button to change the viewing angle of the game screen.

Mahjong Tiles

Mahjong Tiles

– If you are a beginner at Mahjong Tiles, be sure to choose the easier layouts. That way, you increase your chances of winning the game. The easier layouts are the ones with fewer piles of tiles, since they “hide” fewer tiles that you could need later in the game. Look for the layouts with little piles of tiles on the upper right part of the table and on the left inferior corner of the table. With those layouts you will be able to eliminate the tiles on the top of the piles quickly, since they are small piles, and you will have access to all the tiles of the game easily. All you will have to do is match and eliminate them before you run out of time!

– Another interesting tip is to become familiar with the table to know which tiles are, in fact, available for matching and eliminating. Many times a tile can look free, but it is actually not.

The simple act of choosing a tile that is not free to be matched can cost you valuable seconds of your time; especially in this game where you only have 5 minutes to clear off all the tiles from your table. In this specific game the Seasons and Flowers tiles are no present, but in other Mahjong Tiles and Mahjong Solitaire games you can match any Flower tile to any other Flower tile, and any Seasons tile to any other Season tile. See bellow a picture of the free tiles on a Mahjong Solitaire table in the traditional layout (Pyramid):

Free tiles on a Mahjong Game

Free Tiles

– As we have mentioned earlier, beginners at Mahjong Solitaire games tend to match and eliminate tiles as soon as they find two identical tiles free, however, don’t actlike one of them. Think and analyse each one of your moves to be sure that you are making the best match possible. This will save you precious seconds and maybe later, ultimately your game. Try to eliminate first the tiles on top of piles, because that will reveal the tiles beneath them and will give you more options in the game. To finish off a pile and eliminate the bottom tile should only be done if there are not other tiles on a any other higher pile to be eliminated.– With all that you have learned above, always make it a priority to the tiles on top of the taller piles. Use this tip to basically any Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Titans and Mahjong Tiles game you will find at our website.– If you still at the beginning of your “Mahjongg Career”, first try to ignore the timer, even if that costs you a few rounds in the beginning. Try to familiarise yourself with the layout of the game, the structure of the free tiles and the rules. And try above all, to gain reasonable experience, to then start worrying about the time. If you practice enough (play for as long as you want on our website, it is free!), sooner than you expect you will became a great player and you will start winning all your rounds before the time runs out!
Mahjong being played in China

Mahjong being played in China

– Lastly, try to practice always, because the more rounds you play, more naturally you will be visualising the free tiles in your table and the best matches available for each move.– If you don’t want or don’t like the music on this game, just press the musical noteshaped button and that will turn off the music. To turn off the sound effects of the tiles being matched press the music boxshaped button and those small sounds won’t bother you anymore!

– Pressing “Rules” you will see the basic rules of Mahjong Tiles in a very simple way in English.

– Pressing “Submit Score” you will send the final score of your game to the website, however this feature isn’t working at the moment.

Enjoy our tips on Mahjong Solitaire and Mahjong Tiles and good luck playing the games of our website! Have fun!

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